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The trees are greening up more every day and flowers are opening when you turn your head.  Being outside at this time of year and with this recent balmy weather is a joy.  But, as always, there’s lots to be getting on with:

  • Lawn mowing (ideally at least once a fortnight).  An application of spring lawn feed is a good idea.
  • Still time for re-turfing and re-seeding / re-patching lawns.
  • Manually remove dandelions from your lawn (with entire roots if you can) before they set seed and spread.
  • Keep sowing seeds (ornamental and veg) in borders , pots and veg patch.
  • Start thinking about hardening off home-raised seedlings, as the weather warms in late April.
  • Continue to plant summer bulbs (including dahlias after risk of frost).
  • Seasonal pruning. Prune back spring flowering shrubs after flowering (eg. forsythia, kerria, spiraea,  ribes  and viburnum tinus).
  • Watch out for pests such as aphids. Infestation are easier to control when caught early.
  • Prepare baskets and containers for summer.

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