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March was, before the gregorian calender, the first month of the year, and it’s not hard to see why.

Buds are swelling, shoots are coming fast, the grass is growing, colour is spreading, crops are sown….Yes, spring is here!

And of course, March is a busy time for the gardener.  Here are some jobs to be done in the coming weeks:

  • Spring pruning:  March is a major month in the pruning calender.
  • Lawn care:  Lawns may need aerating and scarifying / Mowing begins (on dry days) / A good month for re-seeding and turfing.
  • New plants:  Plant herbaceous perennials / Trees and shrubs (including evergreens) / Roses.
  • Seed sowing:  Hardy annuals can be sown directly into soil / Start half-hardy seeds off under protection.
  • Division of perennials:  Lift and divide tired herbaceous perennials to increase vigour.
  • Soil preparation / weeding.
  • Planting of summer bulbs:  plant gradually over the coming weeks for an ongoing summer display.

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