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February is all about getting ready for Spring.  It’s often the coldest month of the year,  but the days are getting longer.  Spring is just around the corner and there are a number of pre-Spring tasks to keep the gardener busy.

  • Pruning of summer-flowering shrubs can be begun (eg. buddleia, hardy fushia, lavetera).
  • Fruit tree pruning, if not done already.
  • Rose pruning.  Remove congested growth and dead stems to leave a healthy, open framework.
  • Cut back any herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses, left for winter interest, before new shoots emerge.
  • Plant trees, shrubs, roses and climbers.
  • Dig over beds and prepare soil for Sping.
  • Get early seed sowings going in a propagator (eg. lobelia, verbena, tomatoes and peppers).
  • ‘Chit’ early seed potatoes.
  • Last chance to put up nesting boxes for birds before the nesting season.
  • To get you in the mood for Spring, cut stems of forsythia now and bring indoors for almost instant flowering.

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